Cerut Limbe, Cameroon

Centre for the Environment and Rural Transformation (CERUT)

Group Photo after NGOs Law conference in Cameroon
Boka - Epen Community Forest

Welcome to CERUT Limbe, Cameroon.

Welcome to CERUT  

The Centre for the Environment and Rural Transformation (CERUT) is a Non Governmental Organisation recognised under the Law governing non-political and non-profit making associations in Cameroon. Founded on August 13, 1990 with headquarters in Limbe, Cameroon. Our goal is to empower local people through, training and extension work for the elimination of socially unjust practices that lead to poverty and environmental degradation

Guiding Principles

CERUT seeks to provide practical solutions to local problems by applying participatory approaches involving all stakeholders and based on existing local, national and international policy frameworks.

We lay emphasis on women empowerment; on keen monitoring of all its activities and inputs; on acquiring and maintaining sound information; on developing adequate capacity and on wide consultation among all stakeholders, as cardinal elements of sustainability.

Our Objectives

Reduce the impact of poverty by improving the self-reliant spirit and organizational capacity of poor local people

Implement activities that ensure the sustainable use of natural resources

To initiate and influence policies that safeguard the interest of marginalized groups in the society


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